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Pre-summer Wellness event held by 3DConnected + CloudYachts [Sunset Yachts boat rental]

We love anything Yachting, and we’ll always take any opportunity to be on the water while connecting with like-minded folks. Thanks to the cool guys over at CloudYachts for having us during their event in partnership with 3DConnected for the Pre-Summer Wellness Event.

No, not putting yachts on clouds

You surely have heard about crypto and NFT’s but yo probably have not about CloudYachts. Think of it as the first digital yacht dealer to the metaverse who recently joined forces with Denison Yachting, the worlds #1 superyacht dealer, to release original digital artwork by award-winning yacht designers. That’s not all! The company aims to leverage the world of crypto with their understanding of the yachting industry to bring about unique experiences.

Cloud Yachts NFTs provide VIP access to exclusive events in the superyacht community from yacht shows, superyacht parties and more. It has also partnered with premium brands across multiple sectors to offer world-class benefits.

About 3D Connected

3d Connected is a full-service talent management firm with offices in London, Los Angeles, Miami and New York that specializes in influencer relations, branding, paid partnerships, and red carpet events.

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